Friday, July 11, 2008

2008 CN Tower Communities in Bloom gardens.

Launch of the 4th edition of the CN Tower Communities in Bloom Gardens. 14 communities from accross Canada, from PEI to BC are represented in the gardens, with individually unique gardens symbolizing the beauty of their natural and nurtured environment.
(above) HGTV's "Greenforce" created the 'Canadian Garden' which features a gazebo and a water feature, with elements which are unique to the Canadian landscape.
(below) The Scotts EcoGarden, designed by renowned landscape designer Charlie Dobbin, built with environmentally sustainable and safe products. Visitors are able to get information at the garden of how to grow their own garden using environmentally safe products. Jill Fairbrother, Director of Stakeholder Relations, Scotts Canada, and Charlie Dobbin, Garden Solutions, designer of the Scotts EcoGarden, stand in the garden.

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