Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Updates Almost Complete?

Ok... so I've just spent the last 6 hours trying to update all my posts with the new larger size photos.... and I've run into a small roadblock.

Even though I'm a complete noob when it comes to coding I've managed to update/rejuvenate my old posts with photo previews at 640p. The blogger coding has changed quite a bit since 2006, and I somehow figured out how to adapt the code from Stephmodo's post (see previous post on Updating Blog) to the changes... Unfortunatly all of my posts prior to January 09, 2007 seem to have a significantly different coding to them which to the best of my limited coding knowledge won't allow me to change the size of my photos.

Below is the code from my very first post in 2006. If anyone knows how to make the preview photos bigger you will win my gratitude....and a gold star.



Anyone? Beuller.... Beuller?

In other news... I'll be posting 3 weddings and a bunch of newspaper assignments up soon... hopefully by the end of the week.

And this is how I feel after staring at code for the past 6 hours...
By the power of Ra!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Updating Blog

Sorry if all the photos arn't the same size yet. Working on it.

Two useful links I found for modifying a blogger based blog.

Make Minima wider:

Post with larger photos:

...now the above method for posting larger photos is easy enough, but it's going to take a lot of time to manually tweak each post. Anyone know of any shortcuts?

A Stag Up North

A handful of photos I can share with you from my friend's bachelor party.

What we need is a fire.
Because he can
Who's getting married?
The 5am jig
Canada Day Festival @ Downsview Park

Corporated Militia of Upper Canada, representing the Red Coated Canadian in their reenactment of various drills from The War of 1812.

Pan Fantasy played the Canadian national anthem at the opening ceremonies.

The Royal Canadian Legion Highland Creek Annual Canada Day Parade.

MP Dan McTeague spoke at the Canada Day closing ceremonies, at Canadian Legion Br. 258.

Guyana Festival at L'Amoreaux Community Centre

(above) Guyanese performer/dancer, Mumtazi Ali performed at the cultural show.

Master drummer from Guinea-Conakry, Amara Kante Koteba and Master drummer from Trinidad & Tobago, Muhtadi play an encore for Fameeda Singh, wife of the Canadian ambassador to Guyana.
Toronto Biennale @ Big on Bloor Street Festival

Libby and Antonia from Toronto Biennale, held a fundraiser at their booth for Toronto Biennale. People were encouraged to paint them, for a small donation.
Summer of Slaughter @ Ted Reeve Arena

GTA Rollergirls presented the Summer of Slaughter roller derby event, featuring the Slaughter Daughters from Ottawa, and the Derby Debutants from Toronto.
The Battle of Black Creek @ Black Creek Pioneer Village

A Corporal of The Queens Rangers, teaches a private how to fire a musket. The Queens Rangers fought along side the Loyalists during the American Revolution.

Continental soldiers stand guard as arrests are attempted on Loyalist supporters. The mob eventually scared off the Continental soldiers and no arrests were made.

Festival of Excellence @ University of Toronto's Varsity Stadium.

Canadian hurdlers Perdita Felicien and Priscilla Lopes-Schliep, along with American decathlete Bryan Clay, known as the "world's greatest athlete", and Jamaica's Usain Bolt, the world and olympic record holder for the 100m and 200m competed at the event.

USA's Bryan Clay, known as the "world's greatest athlete"

(above) Men's 800m battle for first between USA's Khadevis Robinson, Christian Smith, and Karjuan Williams. Each placed 1st to 3rd, respectively.
(below) Qatar's Saif Shaheen catches his breath after the Men's 5000m run where he finished first with a commanding 11second lead over USA's Dathan Ritzenhein who came a distant second.

(above) Women 100m Hurdles. (L-R) USA's Virginia Powell, Jamaica's Nickiesha Wilson and USA's Damu Cherry.
(below) Fastest man in the world, Jamaica's Usain Bolt looks back at his competitors as he crosses the finish line in 10 seconds flat, winning first.

Soccer Field Opening @ Bill Hancox Park

(L-R) Ken Sharpe (Ward 44 Toronto Parks Maintenance Director), Councillor Ron Moeser (Ward 44 Scarborough East), and Yuri Rudolph, President West Rouge Soccer cut the ribbon at the opening of a new soccer field at Bill Hancox Park in Scarborough.
Scarborough Arts Council 30th Anniversary @ Centenial College Centre for Creative Communication.

(above) Scarborough Arts Council, Board of Directors Vice-Chair Samantha Brighton with 15 year old, autistic piano protege, Borsky Cai, who performed at the event.

(above) The Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto Youth Orchestra led by Matthew Jaskiewicz.
(below) Impresario & Social Activist, Farley Flex

BMO Field Street Festival

Scarborough Blizzards U7, U12, U13, and U14 soccer teams came to participate in the BMO Field Street Festival. The players got to practice their soccer skills on the home field of the Toronto F.C.
Suburban Critical Mass

Suburban Critical Mass kicked off the summer with their first ride of the season. All cyclists and human powered travelers including rollerbladers and skateboarders were invited to take part in a group ride through Toronto and its suburbs. The goal is to promote and celebrate cycling culture and to promote the many benefits of commuting by bike.
Hungarian Festival

The Kodaly Dance Ensemble performed traditional Hungarian folk song and dance at the Hungarian Canadian Cultural Centre's Magyar Festival, celebrating Hungarian history, tradition, culture, food and music.