Thursday, January 17, 2008

PC Hotshoe to MiniPhono Hotshoe Conversion for PocketWizards

A step by step guide to making your own PocketWizard cable. If you can find a hotshoe with a cable in the used bin at a camera store, this whole operation should cost you under $10. If you buy everything new, it will cost you $20. It's still cheaper then buying a MiniPhone hotshoe cable which retail starting at around $40.

What you need: Small soldering iron (10$), electrical solder ($3), sharp knife (exacto, box cutter, razor etc), PC to Hotshoe adapte cable (or any hotshoe with a cable $0-$20), 1/8 inch x 1/2 inch phone/miniphono plug ($2).

Editors note: I've never soldered anything before, so if I can do this, anyone can :)

Special thanks to Lyle Aspinall, who gave me these directions about a year ago.

Happy tinkering!

p.s. Photos were taken with a Canon G9 & PocketWizards

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