Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blog Updates Almost Complete?

Ok... so I've just spent the last 6 hours trying to update all my posts with the new larger size photos.... and I've run into a small roadblock.

Even though I'm a complete noob when it comes to coding I've managed to update/rejuvenate my old posts with photo previews at 640p. The blogger coding has changed quite a bit since 2006, and I somehow figured out how to adapt the code from Stephmodo's post (see previous post on Updating Blog) to the changes... Unfortunatly all of my posts prior to January 09, 2007 seem to have a significantly different coding to them which to the best of my limited coding knowledge won't allow me to change the size of my photos.

Below is the code from my very first post in 2006. If anyone knows how to make the preview photos bigger you will win my gratitude....and a gold star.



Anyone? Beuller.... Beuller?

In other news... I'll be posting 3 weddings and a bunch of newspaper assignments up soon... hopefully by the end of the week.

And this is how I feel after staring at code for the past 6 hours...
By the power of Ra!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike!
I like your photos -- would it be possible for you to take some pictures of my family sometime in August? How can I contact you?

mike pochwat said...

Hi Kasia!

Please send me an email at pochwat(at)gmail.com and we can arrange a meeting!


Sarah said...

Mike, to answer your question: You need to determine the width and height in the same coding bracket as you state the image location, like this:

(I'm using square brackets instead of the < > ones:

[img width="520" src="http://yourblog.com/images/yourpic.jpg" height="520"]

Basically the bigger the number the bigger the image and vice versa. Play around until you find the size you like.

Hope this helps!

mike pochwat said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your comment, however I can't find in the code which I'm referring to
[img width="520" src=......] it seems that the reference to the location and dimensions in the referenced code are: 918/3416/1600 where 1600 is the original size. The photo displayed is at 918/3416/400. The only thing I'm able to do is change it to 1600 which displays it in it's original size, but when I change the code to 520, or 620 or whatnot, the image disappears. What am I doing wrong?

Cheers... and thanks for your help!


Sarah said...

Hey, Mike, so basically you need to leave those numbers you're talking about alone (918/3416/1600) since that is the location that blogger has stored your pic online and in order to retrieve the image the "src=" needs to point to the right spot, get it? That's why it disappeared when you changed the numbers.

But about what I was saying, you can add your own width and height criteria to the code to bypass those generic numbers that blogger is giving you.

See? I copied your original code here and then added in bold the stuff you want to add. Again, I swapped out the <>brackets for []brackets:

[img style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer;" src="http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/918/3416/400/tennis.jpg" width="620" height="620" alt=" " border="0"/]

If this doesn't work (I've used this kind of code to trick blogger before so I know it should work) then it could just be wonky old blogger code that is dumb, in which case, I'd say copy the code from a newer post that you can reformat the size in and then just sub in the "src=" location of these older photos that you want to display.

Hope it works though.

mike pochwat said...

Hi Sarah,

thanks so much for the help! Everything you wrote is bang on, and I found that I can just state either the width or the height and the rest adjusts itself automatically. One other thing that you might be interested in, is that in the portion where it says:

[img style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer;" src="http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/918/3416/400/tennis.jpg" width="620" height="620" alt=" " border="0"/]

you have to change the 400 (918/3416/400) to 1600 or else the image is pixelated.

Other than that, it works perfectly!

Once again, thank you for your help, it's much appreciated, and I hope this info will help other noobies or coding enthusiasts.

Now it's just a matter of time to fix the remaining posts!



Linda Wang said...

Hi Mike, I would also suggest looking at the css file (which is where the default values are specified). It's a lot of work to go in manually to each photo to specify the height/width in the html, whereas if you changed it in the css it'll do it for all pictures, and makes maintaining it easier.

mike pochwat said...

Hey Linda, I wouldn't even know where to start with the css coding.. I'm good with computers, but not so much with programming.

In any case, I'll probably be dropping blogger in a few months, as I'll be launching a new wordpress blog and website hopefully before the end of the year. Check back if you can, because I'll probably need some help with the new one!

Thanks very much for your help!