Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Carnival Nationz - MAS Camp
July 09, 2007
Carnival Nationz is one of the many bands who will be competing at the 2007 Caribana Parade in the costume competition. Each band tries to out do the other, by building bright, elaborate, lavish costumes which will be worn in the parade. Carnival Nationz theme this year is the 'Big Top', which will have 11 different sections with over 130 participants per section, each wearing unique hand-made costumes. Above, Melvin Singh welds together the steel harness which is going to be the base for one of four large frame Caribana costumes created by Carnival Nationz. This 'King' frame when finished is going to carry a costume approximately 18 feet high and 25 feet wide, weighing in at around 1,800 lbs. Below, head pieces from the 'Wild Indians' section hang to dry in the dust-free room.

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