Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Peacful Rally in memory of Omar Wellington
September 09, 2006

17-year old Omar Wellington was brutally beaten, stabbed, stripped and left to die in Flemington Park on July 17th 2006. There were many witnesses to the event, yet none had come through with any help. A peacful rally took place on September 9th at Don Mills and St. Denis where marchers walked through the neighborhood where Omar was beaten, urging residents to stand up for the community, stand against violence, and come forward with information regarding Omar's death. The march ended at Flemington Park, at the spot where Omar's body was discovered.

Omar's mother, Joy Wellington (centre), is flanked by organizers of the rally Patricia Moore (L), and Vicki Williams (R).

The rally gathered in front of the housing complex where Omar was beaten.

Amon Beckles, who was murdered in Toronto on November 18th, 2005 while attending a funeral for his best friend, has his photo held up by his younger brother at the site where Omar's body was found in Flemington Park. There were also many witnesses in Amon's murder, yet none have come forward.

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